Sunday, 22 December 2013

Bit of an upward turn.

After a few more negative posts, I feel it is time for a more positive note. It is almost Christmas after all!!

I was able to get an appointment with a CFS/ME specialist last Tuesday (after pushing for it with my GP) and what a difference it has made! For the first time when speaking to a health professional about my condition, I felt they knew more about it than I did! He asked relevant questions, and practical things that I had prepared to ask his opinions about (such as special exam arrangements for university) he asked me about first, demonstrating that he had a knowledge of the sorts of things I could need help with. He also suggested a number of other supplements, as well as setting up a series of vitamin B injections, which I have heard from some people to be beneficial.

I could still find fault with this system I'm sure but today I won't because of the relief I feel after finally getting some help and advice from someone who understands my condition!

In other news, my university term ended just over a week ago and I am firmly back home preparing for Christmas. I've managed to do too much shopping with Mum but it has been so nice being home that I feel it's worth it. I feel a little more optimistic about next term, having just about managed this last one but there are maybe some aspects I need to work on, such as organisation, as I have 6 deadlines next term, although I hope to have 2 of those completed before I go back in January. Maybe 2014 will hold better things than 2013.

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