Tuesday, 25 November 2014

First times

It's been quite a while since I last posted. Where posting on here helped to let out some of my anxieties and fears I have had fewer, and so less need for posting. I am about 10 weeks into my first term of third year now and despite the work being more challenging and the essays being longer and more detailed, I am generally enjoying things and managing my symptoms well.

The relief to finally be simultaneously ill and a student without the one massively impacting the other is huge. I have had a few stressful weeks with my coursework essays though where I underestimated the amount of work needed for the first and then the other two going down like dominoes. I'm still a bit rough because of it but I am grateful that I only feel a bit rough every week or so as opposed to every minute of every day. Mostly anyway!

I also had a panic where I had applied for an extension for one of the courseworks and it was turned down, which had never happened before. Fortunately a meeting with the support office finally shed some light on the situation and what things could be offered to help me when I am struggling to get my work done.

So overall a much more positive time, for now! I am exhausted and can't wait until Christmas but where my only stresses are study related and where I love what I'm studying generally things are OK. I live in a beautiful building and I have lots of neighbours, all of whom are lovely. I have all my meals made for me in a canteen and all my lectures and the bus stop are within 5 minute's walk.

Thoughts of what next year will hold are a little scary though. As a third year my inbox is full of messages that are career related. Currently I really don't want to think about it but I also don't feel there is any rush and that I can take my time when I graduate to find the right job for me.